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Meet Larry Rayfield Wright—an underprivileged underdog who turned into a ‘Big Cat’. His story is a candid tale of tears and triumphs, fears and faith, and how adversity and an innocent childhood prayer provided his beat-the-odds inspiration.



Rayfield Wright entered this world penniless and poor in material things yet abundantly wealthy in hope and principle. Raised fatherless in the Deep South, Rayfield’s first coach was Big Mama, his faithful grandmother who devoted hours each day teaching him respect and the power of prayer. Other players on this all-star team were his dedicated mother and siblings, a cousin named Bubba, and a persistent, committed leader named Mr. Lomax. Little did they know that each day in young Rayfield’s life would lead to athletic fame.

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In September 1966 (my junior year in college), my athletic aptitude brought me to a significant place. On the court, I was averaging 28 points in scoring and 21 rebounds per game. Professional scouts began talking with Coach Lomax about my abilities and a future in basketball. One of the most intriguing scouts was from the Cincinnati Royals, ancestors of the Sacramento Kings. The great Oscar Robinson was their star at the time. The recruiter asked if I’d be interested in leaving college and trying out for their team. Since my main goal was to become a professional basketball player, I told them “It would be an honor to play for the Royals. However, I made a commitment to several important people in my life that I wouldn’t leave college under any circumstances until I received my degree.” The Royals congratulated me for making that decision and for keeping my commitment. Nevertheless, they let the door open for me to try out after graduation. What a feeling that was! It was like a dream come true. I was confident that I had a future in the NBA.

Although the odds of achieving success were stacked taller than his 6-foot-7 frame, Rayfield tackled some amazingly tough hardships and eventually captured a starting position with the Dallas Cowboys. During his 13-year career, he covered Roger Staubach’s back and cleared the way for the running and receiving talents of Calvin Hill, Tony Dorsett, Robert Newhouse, Drew Pearson and other Cowboys legends. Football enthusiasts will enjoy this journey through the sentimental ‘70s when football was football and team rivalry was unmatched. Through the eyes of this All-Pro, fans will relive the Ice Bowl, the Hail Mary pass, Super Bowls V, VI, X, XII, XIII and other moments from the dynamic decade.

Excerpt From Book
Departures and the Dirty Dozen 1975

...In the locker room at halftime (of Super Bowl X between the Cowboys and Steelers), we reviewed our strategies and re-established our focus on execution. We felt confident of winning the title and were optimistic that the next time we entered the room it would be as national champions. It was a scoreless, hard-fought third quarter until the unexpected happened. I was in the huddle waiting for the next play from Coach Landry. In the far distance, I was aware of an uproar coming from the crowd while I remained focused on my trials with L.C. Greenwood and Mean Joe Greene. Trying to catch my breath, hands upon my knees, looking at the turf, I suddenly noticed a pair of tiny feet standing directly in front of mine. Obviously, they didn’t belong to a football player. Slowly following the feet upward, I was stunned to see a very well endowed, provocatively dressed young lady. As I began to stand, she promptly kissed my helmet and quickly placed something in my hand. It was some type of charm. I hastily flung it towards the sidelines just as rapidly as the security guards approached to escort her from the field. I had no earthly idea who she was, where she came from or why she was there. Perhaps Deacon (Jones) sent her! After all, he was the only other person on the gridiron to ever destroy my mental concentration.

Thirteen years of professional football. Five Super Bowl appearances. Six years of playing in Pro Bowls. Four years All-Pro. Voted twice by his colleagues as Offensive Lineman of the Year. He is perhaps the most decorated offensive lineman in Dallas Cowboys history.
Today, Rayfield Wright is the CEO of Wright’s Sports and Nutrition, President of TeamWright Exploration, LLC, and the Founder of the Rayfield Wright Foundation. In his spare time, he mentors children and athletes and supports several charities. He is also a motivational and inspiration speaker at churches, schools, corporations and other organizations throughout the United States. Residing near Fort Worth, Texas, Rayfield has four children and four grandchildren.
About the Co-Author: Jeannette DeVader is an award-winning ad designer who enjoys a career in publishing and philanthropy. A native of St. Marys, Kansas, she is a graduate from Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas and is the owner of LakeSide Marketing in Kansas City. She is also the President of The Rayfield Wright Foundation. Forever the sports enthusiast, Jeannette is thankful for being Rayfield’s quarterback on this incredible project.
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“Rayfield protected me in the same manner in which the Secret Service protects our nation’s President… with vigilance. He was a self-sacrificing powerhouse both on and off the field. Readers will admire his come-from-behind story.”
Roger Staubach
“Football enthusiasts will devour the Big Cat’s tale while reliving the Dallas Cowboys dynasty of the 1970s. His deeply instilled passion for life and his pursuit for excellence will inspire everyone who reads this book.”
Tony Dorsett